- LocoNet DCC Command station with build-in LocoRCC for RailCom.
- Supports all NMRA DCC format loco decoders.
- Can run up to 32 loco addresses at the same time.(New in LC054)
- Short (1-127) and long (128-9999) address selection.
- 28 or 128 speed steps for smooth speed control.
- Control light (F0), and F1 to F9999. (New in LC053)
- Direct mode programming (NMRA preferred service mode) on programming track.
-- Read/write programming for address, CV bytes and CV bits programming track.
-- Read/write programming of CV bytes with LocoNet commands. (New in LC053)
- Operations mode programming-program individual locos on the layout.
-- Write of CV byte except CV1, CV17 and CV18 (no address changes)
-- With keypad or LocoNet commands (New in LC053)
- Recognize LocoNet DCC accessory Decoder commands and sends it to.
- Used LocoNet hand controls, such as FRED, DAISY II, Profi-Boss, IB-Control.
- Can use up to 32 hand controls at the same time. (New in LC054)
- Built-in booster (1000mA) for use as programming track or of one locomotive. (New in 1.2)
- Control a locomotive and F0 to F9 with keyboard (New in LC054)

LocoCentral 1.2 Documentation (version 18/10/2021)

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Manual of previous version:
LocoCentral 1.1 Documentation (version 18/10/2021)

LocoHDL configuration program Example for LocoCentral