HDM12C LocoServo RJ12


Complete kit for the LocoServo with RJ12 connections

Technical description:
This module is a variant of a LocoIO. It can control 8 analog Servo motors with 2 positions or 4 Servos with 4 positions and it also contains a LocoIO 8 bit input/output.
– For the 4 bit input/output, see LocoIO manual.
– The Servo motor can rotate at an angle of 90º from Position1 = 1 to Position2 = 127. Position1 and Position 2 can be set within that 90º with a value from 1 to 127. The Servo motor is moved from one Position to another by a “Fixed Contact” message. The displacement can be done with 4 different speeds individually adjustable per Servo motor. The speed = 0 is the fastest, the speed = 3 is the slowest.
– The Servo motor can also perform a continuous back and forth movement at two different speeds, with setting speed = 4 or 5. Position 1 is then fixed at value = 1. Position 2 can be freely chosen between 1 and 127, and determined than the angle of the movement. The “Fixed Contact” message then determines whether the motor performs the back and forth movement between Position 1 and Position 2 or remains stationary at Position 1. The continuous back and forth motion is not adjustable when 4-position Servo is selected.
With the Servos you can operate points, mechanical signals, barriers, doors of locomotive sheds, etc….

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