HDM14E LocoCD 10/18A


Complete Kit for the current detector HDM14E

Technical description:
In a digital track, current sensors are the best way to detect a train in a particular section. Even when trains are standing still, there is always a decoder or lamp or LED consuming some power that can be detected. Sections can be made by supplying electrically insulated busbars with digital power from its own current detector.

The Current sensor Transformer has no voltage drop on the digital signal and can better detect low currents.
Print with 4 current detections can be used with any scale.
– Per rail section maximum allowed power consumption is:
10A for HDM14E version 3.0 for scale O, I and G
– The sum of Digital power consumption is maximum:
18A for HDM14E version 3.0 for scale O, I and G

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