Complete Kit for the LocoRCC

Technical description:
This is a Loconet Railsync power amplifier. The Loconet Railsync output can supply max. 1A. This allows you to connect more hand controllers and modules that take their power from Loconet cable.

It also includes a RailCom cut-out device, activated and used with a Lenz LRC120 or the LocoRCD. Only one LocoRCC with an active Railcom cut-out may be present in a Loconet network. The LocoRCC with RailCom cut-out can be used together with Digital Central Stations that do not have a RailCom cut-out option. The RailCom cut-out can only be used with locomotives with DCC decoders or Multi protocol decoders that work in DCC and that can transmit RailCom.

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